Food and beverage

Events that have food or generate excessive trash will incur a mandatory cleaning fee. This fee is determined based on the number of people, meals served, space usage, and time of day/week. Your event coordinator will work with the cleaning company. Below is the link to ASU’s approved catering vendors. It is the responsibility of the client to organize catering. Please inform your event coordinator of all catering plans, as they must be documented in ASU’s registration form.

Cakes sitting on table in front of the Beus Center for Law and Society

Alcohol policy

Alcohol may be permitted at events hosted at the BCLS. Please inform event coordinators if there is an intention to serve alcohol. In order to serve alcohol, events must be free of charge to guests, food must be present, and the bar must be hosted (i.e., open bar). First, approval must be granted by the BCLS Event Committee. Once BCLS approves, the event coordinator will assist in filling out the required University Alcohol Permit forms. Final approval comes from the ASU Police Department. There will be a $50 non-refundable processing fee for alcohol permits. Events with alcohol held in the Snell & Wilmer Plaza require additional fencing and security. Your event coordinator will recommend ASU-approved vendors for these services.

Vendor recommendations: Pour Masters and Hey Bartender